Greetings from Chicago! It was at Grand Valley State University that I pursued a B.A. degree in English and a minor in writing (creative and professional). It was in my junior year of college that I was fortunate enough to begin a full-time profession, and every day was a dream come true working side-by-side with my amazing employer.

Though the workday was never over, I always managed to find the time to practice my other passions: travel, photography, working with grieving children, volunteering for end-of-life care, reading and, above all, writing.

My favorite genres of personal work encompass fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry. A great deal of my writing is an experiment within the realm of style and technique while establishing a unique voice in my composition.

My only wish is that my readers find the encouragement I’ve provided to lead fuller and deeper lives while also observing my sincere dedication to honesty, philosophy and life experience. I am very adamant about welcoming feedback and studying the work of other accomplished authors so that I may one day present my efforts to a larger audience, whether it is in film or on paper.

The acceptance of growth and enlightenment in my writing has been an enriching journey, to say the least. I am always hungry to learn more and delve deeper into both my own world and the lives of others. It is with these goals that I hope to one day understand and share the genuine secrets of a life well lived.


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