You Painter, You Piper, You Prisoner

“And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.”

Breathe, Pink Floyd (1972, 1973)

Happy January, readers!

In the midst of one of my restless spells this winter, my boyfriend and I took off for Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A fond memory from my youth, the Rock Hall has always administered copious amounts of inspiration for me. Wanting Nick to experience that same influence, I happily brought him along on yet another spontaneous adventure.

My favorite section was, as has it always been, Pink Floyd. Whether I was singing the lyrics to “Money” as a little girl or painting abstractly for the first time while listening to “Wish You Were Here,” Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has always prompted admiration from me. Thus Waters’ writing is nothing short of brilliant. What painful honesty in his work! I believe it is his candor that marks him as genuinely timeless. And somehow, in turn, that candor activates something just as overt in me.

And so, as a postlude to Pink Floyd’s newest album The Endless River (sans Roger Waters), here is one of my favorite Floyd songs below. Remember, readers: you are only here on this earth a short while. Take the time to get to know the music that preceded you, the music that astounded you and the music that made you.

Until next time, stay warm this chilly January!

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